1. Tensions Are High / Tomorrow's Forefront Machine (PC090)
    The Panacea & C.A.2K.

  2. Seeds Of Mutation (PC037)
    Current Value

  3. Frequency Hunt (PC028)
    Current Value

  4. German Engineering (PC053)
    The Panacea

  5. Nuclear Device / Untitled (PC012)
    Problem Child

  6. Revenge / System Check (PC017) (BONUS)
    The Panacea Presents Disorder

  7. Global Disorder EP
    The Panacea Presents Disorder

  8. Decade Of Destruction / Find Strength (PC034)
    The Panacea

  9. Burning Like Fire (The Sect Remix) / Voices (PC071)
    The Panacea

  10. Peloton / Iron Man Ghetto Crusher (PC075)

  11. Hardcore Will Never Die / The Happening (PC076)

  12. The Minotaur / Zef Bass (PC081)
    Counterstrike & The Panacea

  13. Underground Superstardom (PC058)
    The Panacea

  14. The Panacea will never die EP (PC89)
    The Panacea

  15. Zomby Of Kasino (PC88)
    Goldberg Variations

  16. The Rat / Horrorcane (PC87)
    High Rankin

  17. ReBirth (PC86)

  18. Chiropteran (PC80)
    The Panacea

  19. Twisted Designz (PC25)
    The Panacea

  20. Low Profile Darkness (PC09) (REMASTER)
    The Panacea

  21. Naglfar EP (PC79) (BONUS)

  22. Empire EP (PC68) (BONUS)
    Limewax & The Panacea

  23. Megalomania EP (PC83)
    Current Value

  24. Awake EP (PC84)
    Gancher & Ruin

  25. Cryptonomicon EP (PC66)
    The Panacea

  26. Rare & The Unreleased 1997 - 2000 (PC85)
    Current Value

  27. Rare & The Unreleased 1995 - 2000 (PANACEADC010)
    The Panacea

  28. Six Feet Deep (The Panacea VIP)
    Deathface Feat. Lil' Internet

  29. Moth Machine EP (PC72)

  30. Duuure / Ventil (PC69) (BONUS)

  31. Sector 9 / Loudener (PC77)

  32. Redemption EP (PC51)
    The Panacea & DJ Scud Present The Redeemer

  33. Winternights / Relight The Fire Tonite (PC60) (BONUS)
    The Panacea

  34. JiJ / Fuenf (PC82)

  35. Hybris / Hedonist (PC15) (BONUS)
    The Panacea

  36. Graveyard Twist / Headstone Shuffle (PC61)
    The Panacea & c((o))de blue

  37. Anti Funk (Raiden Remix) / Pizdets (PC62)

  38. Zurück Zu Den Schatten (The Panacea Remix) / The Nazarene (PC63)
    The Panacea & DJ G-I-S

  39. Nobody Listens To Techno / Windmill & Keys (PC64)

  40. Motion Sickness (SPL Remix) / Fade (PC67)

  41. Zombie Vs Zombie / Casino (PC70)

  42. Crimson / Dark Planet (Donny Remix) (PC73)

  43. Substixentialism / Storm Break (PC74) (BONUS)

  44. Bassriot / Untitled Master (PC32)
    Current Value

  45. Hetzjagd / Hetzjagd VIP (PC13) (BONUS)
    The Panacea


Position Chrome Berlin, Germany

With more then 80 releases since 1996 by artists like The Panacea, Alec Empire, Techno Animal, Limewax, Counterstrike, Dylan, Cooh, The Sect, Current Value, Audio and DJ Scud, Position Chrome is one of Germany's longest running and most influential drum 'n bass labels and is also notoriously known to be one of the hardest on the circuit. ... more

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